Why Goedehoop Hunting Safari’s ?

As you step unto the soil an ancient voice stirs deep within, reconnecting you to the very essence of your being. It is the vast, wild open space, historic home of the bushman and beast, that will stay with you forever!

Goedehoop Hunting Safari’s is a Camelthorntree-savannah, with dense bush, rolling skies and immense skies. It is a place of peace, privacy, seclusion and security. A place without walls or streets to hem you in.

It is the Ultimate Kalahari Experience!!

Experience the best Namibian Hospitality and traditional African cooking - all under the brightest stars.

Apart from the Game, Goedehoop is a Birdwatcher’s paradise and the sense of freedom and peace will make you want to return again and again.

Johan Moolman

Owner/ PH

Elfie Moolman

Owner/ Host