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Without a doubt, Trophy Hunting Namibia is one of the most challenging endeavors a hunter can pursue.  There are many factors, which can come into play in regard to your trophy-hunting safari.  Here are some things you should consider when you begin planning your Trophy Hunting Namibia experience.

Because of the extremely diverse assortment of game animals available in Namibia, the trophy hunter must narrow down the species he intends to take on a given Safari.  As all species are not common to a single geographical area, the resultant list may dictate the area, or even the particular Namibia where this Trophy Hunt will take place.  This decision may also have important consequences; the availability of quality Outfitters, the infrastructure, as well as the climate and geographical features can vary greatly from one country to another.  These differences alone can affect the logistics of your Trophy Hunt.

Trophy Hunting Namibia can take you to some extremely remote areas.  The logistics involved in getting there, as well as maintaining a well functioning camp can be quite costly and easily stretch your budget to it's maximum.  In this regard, Namibia offers the wide diversity of trophy animals and the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the trophy hunt of your dreams without putting unnecessary strain on your budget.

Choosing the “right” Outfitter can greatly affect your Trophy Hunting Namibia experience.  You should definitely check out his credentials and those of his Professional Hunter( Johan Moolman).  Experience here is usually the key.  The PH leading your trophy-hunting safari will greatly affect the success of your hunt.  Don’t need to look for one who has experience in the area and the particular species, which you wish to pursue. Johan Moolman himself is a Professional Hunter in every aspect of your safari.

Now, what about the trophies themselves?  Trophy Hunting Namibia can be somewhat frustrating if you don't do a little homework before you arrive.  What constitutes a good trophy can be much more that just a measurement from Roland Ward or a score gleaned from the SCI Record Book.  In the opinion of some, this tendency to hunt with a tape measure has pushed the limits of true hunting ethics.  Be a little flexible and accept the advice of your Professional Hunter.  He has many years of experience in judging horn length and the maturity of a particular species.  Average size and or horn length can vary from one geographical area to another; the ethical trophy hunter should attempt to take a good representative of the species for the area in which he hunts.  It is always a good practice to take the older members of the species, and while their horns may be worn down and thus score less in the record book, they make for very fine trophies with a great deal of character.

If Trophy Hunting Namibia is your goal, Goedehoop Hunting  Safaris can offer you experienced Professional Hunter supervised by an extremely capable and well-equipped Outfitter.  We hunt various well-appointed concessions in Namibia and Africa, the home of virtually all of the species available on the sub continent.  In addition, we are able to access some big five concessions in Botswana and Mozambique.  Goedehoop Hunting Safari’s has been conducting hunting safaris all over Namibia for many years and we remain committed to making your Trophy Hunting Safari the experience of a lifetime.